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In Heaven (Unprotected Edit)

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Music Production


22 Feb 2022

"In Heaven" by Pratyush Upadhyay: A Transformative Creative Journey

The evocative masterpiece "In Heaven" by Pratyush Upadhyay emerged from an ethereal space, born in the cozy confines of his Pune studio. It all began with a simple yet entrancing strumming pattern, setting the foundation for an extraordinary sonic exploration. Captured on his iPhone, this initial spark grew into a compelling intro that laid the groundwork for the song's evolution.

As days turned into months, the verse began to take shape, its melody etching itself into Pratyush's musical consciousness. A clear vision emerged - an intention to bring this evolving composition to life. During the lockdown, Pratyush immersed himself in music theory lessons from YouTube, stumbling upon a blues guitar tutorial by Jake Lissio from Signals Music Studio. This unexpected encounter sparked a revelation about injecting harmonic complexity into his creation, infusing spice into the chorus.

The lyrics for the chorus were penned with a twist of fate. Although the mood had evolved since the initial writing, Pratyush chose to move forward with the idea. Fuelled by this lyrical direction, he embarked on the production journey.

Multiple takes were recorded, instruments layered, and drum programming commenced in Ableton. However, an integral element was missing - the "humanization" factor. Determined to restore this vital flow, Pratyush switched to Logic Pro X, setting the stage for a more organic and dynamic soundscape.

Recording the guitar presented its own challenges and rewards. Pratyush aimed for authenticity by recording without a metronome, channeling the spirit of his initial inspiration. The result? A captivating one-take performance that conveyed the song's essence in its purest form.

As the project evolved, Pratyush's vision expanded towards an "orchestral" dimension. Months of meticulous research about orchestration and instrument characteristics paved the way for a truly unique sonic palette.

Technical challenges arose, especially in the pursuit of recording at A=432Hz, introducing tuning and intonation intricacies. Instruments not designed for this frequency, third-party plugins, and even the opinions of fellow artists pushed against the unconventional approach. But Pratyush's commitment to his vision was unwavering.

Despite encountering skepticism, Pratyush pressed on, consulting audio engineers for guidance. While some dismissed his work, others recognized its potential. With mentorship from Shatarchi Hundet, the song took a new direction. An exploration of metronome-free recording, bass guitar borrowed and embraced, and a journey into mastering using unconventional methods ensued.

Pratyush's ability to create, record, arrange, direct, perform, produce, mix, and master the song was a testament to his passion and skill. The result? "In Heaven" - a mesmerizing blend of Alternative and Experimental RnB, inspired by Feng Suave and BB King. It's a poignant reminder of how music transcends challenges, encapsulating emotions and experiences into a universal language. "In Heaven" is more than a song; it's a soulful voyage through the artist's heart and the depths of human connection.

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