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Pocket FM - Audio Web Series

Project Type

Audio Web Series Production & Post Production


Jan 2022 to current


432Hz Music Studio


Audio Post Production Guarantor

Project type

Audio Web Series

432Hz Music Studio is proud to work as Production House with Pocket FM for their several audio web series.

* Coordinating with the POC and maintaining work flow.
* To clean the received audio file of multiple Audio Web Series’ after analysing it for finding & removing clicks, pops, blows, thumps, humms, mouth noises, esse’s, plosives or any kind of undesired sound.
* To add background music, sound effects, foley sounds & ambience to the voice over file.
* To mix all these elements and master it for broadcast.
* To check the quality of the entire episode before uploading it for public consumption.

* Delivered 2700+ episodes of roughly 400 hours of audio content for subscribers from US & Canada till date.

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