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For Your GRAMMY® Consideration

432Hz Music Studio is proud to share it's exclusive artist and his music for GRAMMY® consideration

'cross genre music from India'

Alternative Music Album Of The Year

1 Album | 5 Tracks | Numerous Sounds | Multiple Genres & Several Emotions

With tracks in different tunings to with and without a metronome. Some made entirely using a trackpad ,

0. Anamorph Announcement 2021
Download PDF • 35.98MB

In Heaven (Director's Cut) - Pratyush Upadhyay Best Arrangement, Instruments & Vocals

Alternative-Experimental-Blues-Rock-Orchestral Track in A=432Hz

3. In Heaven (Director’s Cut) Liner Notes
Download PDF • 15.47MB

In Heaven (Unprotected Edit) - Pratyush Upadhyay Best Alternative Music Performance

Alternative-Experimental-Blues-Rock-Orchestral Track in A=440Hz

In Heaven (Unprotected Edit) Liner Notes
Download PDF • 14.61MB

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